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Unprecedented productivity for the medical community

Our intuitive app connects healthcare professionals and helps them communicate effortlessly. We reduce complexity and help you save time and money.

Make better decisions for patients

We connect medical professionals and provide them with a purpose-designed work HQ called Wondr Medical Rooms, here you can:


  • Design workflows

  • Collaborate

  • Share updates

  • Engage with each other, as well as with patients


Wondr Medical Rooms also enables connectivity - not only between medical professionals - but also with medical devices, allowing real-time, high-fidelity image streaming. Now you can remotely collaborate in real-time on patient cases and make life-saving decisions together.

Trusted by global industry leaders

Reimagine clinical trial communications

Inefficient communications, across silos and numerous stakeholders can increase trial costs by 15%.

Wondr Medical Rooms delivers all the communication tools you need to run your trial effectively:


  • Chat
  • Video calling

  • Document sharing and reviews

  • Smart search

  • External links

  • Reporting

  • Reminders, notifications and more

​With Wondr Medical Rooms, trials are well-organized, and information is easy-to-find, making any exchange engaging and immediately actionable – saving you time and money.


Want to know more?

To learn more about our solutions, get in touch with our team by clicking below.

Why should you choose Wondr Medical?


Platform users


Recurring clients


As engaging as email

Real-time device sharing

Our plug and play technology makes it easy to connect any medical device with our platform. 

You can now securely stream medical imaging data and take better clinical decisions – together in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Even better, all data is saved on Wondr Medical Rooms, securely stored and searchable forever.

Choose how you do your best work

Wondr Medical Rooms is 100% bespoke and fully modular. You can now design the workflow that works for you.

Our platform allows you to work in channels and connect with everyone and everything. You now have the flexibility to work how is best for you.

You can invite who you want, chat, send files and video clips and share and search for what you need – all delivered in an easy-to-use app that helps you be more productive.

Fully secure and compliant

We take security and compliance incredibly seriously. 

We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant. 

Affordable by design

Our ambition is for Wondr Medical to become the global comms platform for the medical community.
This is why we have made it affordable, our pricing is transparent and intuitive to understand.

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